Alert Connecticut! Pot black market flourishes in Colorado


marijuanaConnecticut State Representative Juan Candelaria, D-NH, has already stated he will reintroduce a bill in the next legislative session, calling for the legalization of marijuana.  Marijuana for medicinal purposes is already legal in the Nutmeg State.

Massachusetts voters approved pot’s legalization last month, but the standard to which most states pursuing such action aspire is Colorado.  Weed is legal in that state for recreational purposes in addition to medicinal purposes.  Now comes word the black market is flourishing in Colorado, something pot advocates claimed would disappear if the substance were legalized.

In Colorado, according to a story on Colorado Politics, it is believed the plants residents are allowed to grow are making it onto the streets and even fueling the pipeline to states where marijuana is still outlawed.

In Colorado, you can grow 99 plants in your home for medicinal purposes and six plants each for “recreational tokers.”  The report says many of those plants are being grown for profit not for use.  In other words, “one toke over the line” may mean pot over the line for anything but medicinal and recreational purposes; more like profit motives.  It is an issue, Connecticut will need to fully explore, before deciding to vote on its legalization.