Blumenthal adds qualifier to AT&T-TimeWarner mega merger

Richard Blumenthal

Richard BlumenthalEven if U.S. Richard Blumenthal, D-CT agrees with President-elect Donald Trump, he is going to add a qualifier.  It seems both Blumenthal and Trump are on the same side in their concerns over the proposed $85 billion merger of AT&T and Time Warner.

“I may well agree with Donald Trump,” Blumenthal told Politico.

But then the just-re-elected senator added a qualifier, claiming Trump opposes the merger because CNN – owned by Time Warner – covered his presidential campaign.  “For a public official to use the blunt, heavy instrument of law enforcement to try to silence or change coverage in the news department of any company is for me, absolutely abhorrent – would you agree?” Blumenthal asked the heads of AT&T and Time Warner.

Of course Blumenthal would not understand what critical coverage means.  The home state media in Connecticut has fawned over him since his long tenure as the state’s attorney general.