Harp non committal on state office; dodges illegal immigration question

Toni Harp
Mayor Toni Harp/Ch. 3 screengrab

New Haven Mayor Toni Harp says she has not decided whether to run for the Democratic Party gubernatorial nomination.  “We have a governor I support,” Harp said of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, a fellow Democrat.  She said on WFSB TV 3’s Face the State her main focus is on winning a third term as mayor of the Elm City, though admitting people have asked her to consider a gubernatorial run.

The mayor also said she defends New Haven’s “sanctuary city” status.  When asked by co-anchor Dennis House what she would tell immigrants who have come to New Haven legally, why she is defending those people who have broken the immigration law, she would not answer the question.  Instead she stated she was surprised how expensive it is to become a citizen and that the nation needs to solve its immigration problem.

Harp added she deserves re-election for lowering New Haven’s crime and drop-out rates and attracting more business.