Courant warns Aresimowicz to be ‘model of integrity’

Joe AresimowiczThe Hartford Courant is sending a warning to the incoming speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives: be “the very model of integrity.”

Joe Aresimowicz is slated to become speaker on January 4, when the General Assembly convenes.  His full-time job is with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union, which could set up a conflict of interest on legislation that crosses his desk.  The union does represent 35,000 state and local government employees, after all. Even the Courant acknowledged the Republicans were correct to question potential conflicts.

So now the newspaper, which sides to the left on many issues, is putting Aresimowicz, a left-leaning Democrat on notice;  it will be watching!  “All eyes are on him,” the editorial concluded.