Congressman Himes wants Trump ousted. Not fit to be ‘mayor of a small town’

Jim Himes
Jim Himes
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U.S. Representative Jim Himes is suddenly turning constitutional scholar, calling for the Electoral College to reject President-elect Donald Trump on Dec. 19.  Himes told CNN’s New Day on Monday that Trump isn’t fit to be “mayor of a small town in Connecticut.”

The Connecticut congressman, who wants the Electoral College abolished said: “The Electoral College, if you read the Federalist Papers and understand why it is there, it is a group of people.  It is not an algorithm. It is not a set of ballots.  It is a group of people that our Founding Fathers, you know, to whom supposedly we all sort of defer to, pledged the idea that if someone gets elected that is manifestly ill equipped to be president..that the Electoral College can step in.”

Himes set the tipping point came when Trump criticized the CIA over its claim Russia may have hacked the Democrats in the recent presidential election.