Did Bloomberg News just do a hit piece on Linda McMahon?

Linda McMahon
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Did Bloomberg News just do a hit piece on Linda McMahon?  You might think so, after reading the story headlined “Wresting’s Queen Could Take a Chair to Her Federal Agency.  President-elect Donald Trump has chosen McMahon, the co-owner of Connecticut-based World Wrestling Entertainment, to head the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The story centers around McMahon – who ran twice and lost both times for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut – and her recommendation that the SBA be eliminated. (That seems to be the popular stance of Trump appointees these days, when it comes to federal agencies).

You have to search far-and-wide in the story to find a positive comment about McMahon’s business expertise, which includes consolidating the pro wrestling industry into a multi-billion dollar enterprise, along with her husband Vince.  Near the end of the piece, Bloomberg does find a little something positive to say about McMahon, including her role in helping women entrepreneurs.  But you get the idea, the story is nothing more than an iron fist, packed in a velvet glove, more fitting for a wrestling routine than a successful entrepreneur.