CT Treasurer takes on her own party over union contract

Denise NappierConnecticut State Treasurer Denise Nappier is taking on her own party over the issue of union contracts.  The long time Democrat says the General Assembly should vote on the latest union package negotiated between Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and state union leadership.  The governor and union renegotiated the union pension funds to help alleviate Connecticut’s recurring budget deficits, but there is some concern the new deal essentially pushes the debt obligations onto the next generation.  Nappier is among those expressing those fears, although she did offer some praise over the deal on Thursday.  Now she wants the legislature to vote.

For years Democrats in the General Assembly refused to take a vote on contracts agreed to by the governor and unions, for fear of voter backlash once lawmakers’ votes are on the record.  With Democrats controlling both chambers, votes have not been taken.  If no vote is taken after 30 days, the contract automatically becomes law.  Republicans have supported votes on union deals.