Mr. Trump, meet Sen. Murphy, the tweet hound

Chris MurphyU.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, the Democrat from Connecticut who some on the left are touting as presidential timbre, is watching every tweet sent by President-elect Donald Trump. Apparently Trump will not be allowed a misspelling, even if he quickly corrects it.  Murphy will be there to pounce.

On Saturday morning, Trump sent out a tweet critical of China’s seizing of a U.S. drone in the South China Sea, first calling it an “unpresidented  act.”  Trump quickly deleted the tweet and corrected it to read “unprecedented act.”

That didn’t stop the junior senator from Connecticut from quickly sending out a tweet off the first Trump tweet.  “This is madness.  A 7:30am Saturday escalation of diplomatic crisis w China via Twitter, w misspelling,” Murphy tweeted.

Trump has millions following his every tweet, and apparently Sen. Murphy is among them.  Someone might want to clue in the senator that he still had plenty of characters left on his post to spell out  the word “with” rather than use “w.”  Unless he meant George W. Bush.