Connecticut elector not keen on eliminating Electoral College

Rep. Christopher Rosario
Rep. Christopher Rosario/Photo grab: WFSB-TV3

Bridgeport State Rep. Christopher Rosario is not big on eliminating the Electoral College, although he thinks it could use some tweaking.   That puts him at odds with some of his fellow-Democrats, who want to eliminate the electoral college in favor of the popular vote.  Rosario is one of seven electors who will cast his ballot for Democrat Hillary Clinton on Monday.  Connecticut’s electors will vote from the General Assembly’s senate chambers.

“Being such a small state, if we got rid of the Electoral College, we would be totally ignored.  Presidential candidates would stop in Connecticut only to get their Fairfield County fundraiser.”

Rosario, a guest on WFSB-TV3’s Face the State, admits the Electoral College may need to be reviewed.