Wage board member: Deck was stacked

MoneyA member of the Connecticut Low Wage Employer Advisory Board has written that the panel’s majority was in favor of recommending a $15 minimum wage before there was consensus.  Michael Seid writes in the Hartford Courant: “the board’s recommendation was preordained.”  Seid is opposed to raising the minimum wage, which will increase to $10.10 an hour on Jan. 1.  He wrote that the last year has been a waste of time for the board, because little was accomplished.

“I can attest that little substance was accomplished by the board this year,” Seid wrote.  He stated the board held three public hearings, mostly to hear people in support of raising the minimum wage and talking about how expensive it was to live in Connecticut.  ” But the board never once addressed the causes for those problems because its sole and exclusive direction focused on increasing the minimum wage.”