23 months before election and Connecticut Democrats pounce

CT DemsThe ink isn’t even dry on the November election and the  Connecticut Democratic Party apparatus is wasting little time, jumping on Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton’s appearance on the Dec. 11 edition of WFSB’s Face The State.  Boughton, although not a declared candidate, is considering another run for the Republican Party gubernatorial nomination in 2018.

Boughton’s appearance was quickly panned by the state Democrats on their website.  Headline: “TELL US AGAIN HOW SERIAL TAX-RAISER @MARK WILL IMPROVE THE BUSINESS CLIMATE?”

In the interview Boughton was quick to criticize the state’s business climate under Democratic Party leadership, but the majority party quickly accused Boughton of raising taxes annually, during his eight terms as Danbury mayor.   The party’s Executive Director Michael Mandell also poked fun at Boughton’s repeated use of Twitter.  “Beyond counting down from 140 characters on his phone, the mayor just can’t make his math work,” Mandell stated.

Let the campaign, err mudslinging begin!