Daily Kos: Path for Connecticut GOP to take control

Connecticut RightThe liberal website, the Daily Kos, speculates there is a path for blue Connecticut to swing toward the Republican party in the future.  Connecticut’s 2016 election results in the presidential and U.S. Senate races were analysed by the Kos.  Of course, Hillary Clinton won Connecticut and U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal was elected to a second term.

The Kos noted that there were some shifts in state voting districts in 2016 with more ticket-splitting by Connecticut voters.  “The only way for a Republican to win Connecticut would be for them to post Romney-like margins in Connecticut’s wealthy suburbs, and, at the same time, perform well as Trump did in the white working-class towns.”

As  is usually the case with a liberal website, there was a proviso: the Republicans would have to run a squeeky-clean charismatic candidate.  Apparently, if you follow the website’s logic, Connecticut is so deeply blue, the Democrats could get away with running a scandal-riddled candidate who is not charismatic.