Danbury’s Boughton says Waterbury is on board with corridor idea

Mayor Mark Boughton
Mark Boughton
Ch. 3 screengrab

By Dan Lovallo

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton says Waterbury is on board with his idea of creating an economic corridor along I-84 between Danbury and Waterbury.

“It would only seem to me to make sense that instead of us both recruiting companies or convincing companies to stay here or convincing companies to expand, that we really look at this western Connecticut geographic area as an opportunity to market to anybody who wants to come to Connecticut

“Often times what we see happening is Danbury may not be able to accommodate a company.  In the past, we may not have fought as hard to keep them in Connecticut because we frankly didn’t see any benefit to us. But the reality is if they locate in Southbury, if they locate in Oxford, if they locate in Waterbury it’s still a benefit to Danbury,” Boughton told me on my Talk of Connecticut radio program.

As for Waterbury’s participation,  the mayor said:  “Mayor (Neil) O’Leary is very much on board.  We will be convening a summit after the first of the year between his economic development staff and ours, our city planner and his city planner as well as our chambers to start talking a little bit about western Connecticut.  And then we’ll reach out to the communities that are along the I-84 corridor and invite them to participate. “

Boughton expects both he and O’Leary will attend the initial meetings.