Merry Christmas! Twitter war breaks out between Herbst and Democrats

Tim Herbst, Bob Duff

A Twitter war has broken out between Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst, a Republican and Democrats, led by Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff.  Democrats became irritated when Herbst, who once ran for state treasurer and lost, started poking into the mileage accounts of some Senate Democrats.  State lawmakers receive reimbursements for their mileage and the money can be used toward the calculation of lawmakers’ pensions.

The war reached the boiling point when Herbst tweeted:

“$105,685.65. That’s how much Joe Crisco got in mileage reimbursement over 10 years. CT GOP Connecticut Dems.”

Crisco is the long time Democratic State Senator from Ansonia who lost his re-election bid in November.

The Herbst tweets set off the majority leader, whose tweets usually deal with weather reports, traffic reports and community events.  But this time, Duff’s tweet was more than just traffic jam on I-95:

“This is a guy who is so concerned about the state’s coffers he took 800K in taxpayer dollars to run a losing campaign. Way to go sport!”

This was in response to one Herbst tweet which read: “@senatorduff my taxpayers are pissed off that you Hartford elitists get way with this BS!”

Not to be outdone, the Connecticut Democrats got into the act tweeting: “He’ll do anything to see his name in print: @timherbst using taxpayer dollars to advance his own political career.”

Democrats are so hopping mad over Herbst’s “investigation,” they are accusing him of doing his research, while on the dime of Trumbull taxpayers.

It’s apparent the Christmas spirit is burning brightly in southwestern Connecticut.