Undeclared ceasefire in Twitter war between Herbst and Democrats

Twitter PeaceMaybe it is because Christmas is right around the corner, but there appears to be an undeclared ceasefire between Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst and Connecticut Democrats.  What started out as a skirmish on Thursday, when Herbst – a Republican – was questioning through tweets the mileage number for which Connecticut lawmakers are reimbursed, turned into a full fledged Twitter battle by sundown.  Connecticut Democrats, upset that four state Senate Democrats were in the cross-hairs of Herbst’s criticism, fought back.  A barrage of tweets from Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff and the Connecticut Democratic Party took dead aim at Herbst, setting off a digital tit-for-tat that made some of serial Twitter Donald Trump’s tweets look like Romper Room.

As of late Friday morning, neither side had unleashed any Twitter assaults at the other.  Only time will tell if the Twitter ceasefire will last through the Christmas holiday or if part-time Connecticut resident and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger will be called in to negotiate a more lasting agreement.