Larson: Trump posturing but CT congressional delegation fumes over F-35 controversy

F35Connecticut 1st District U.S. Representative John Larson  believes Donald Trump is posturing, but other members of the state’s congressional delegation are not so sure about the President-elect’s stance on the F-35 fighter.  For the second time in 10 days Trump sent out a tweet critical of the F-35’s cost and hinted the commitment to manufacturing the fighter jet would be reviewed by his administration.

With Pratt & Whitney and Sikorsky Aircraft playing major roles in manufacturing parts for the F-35, the delegation is hypersensitive to talk of scrapping the fighter jet.  They insist the program has been reviewed extensively.  But Larson told the Hartford Courant, “Frankly I think this is saber rattling, to show people in the Pentagon how to sharpen their pencils and cut their budgets.”

Larson suggested the F22, made with Pratt & Whitney engines, be revived.