Murphy silence on UN vote deafening. Blumenthal backs Trump

Chris MurphyU.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, who has a penchant of tweeting anything to counter President-elect Donald Trump’s tweets, has been silent on the U.N. Security Council resolution that demands and end to Israeli settlements.  Trump tweeted that he opposed the vote and that things would change on Jan. 20, the date of his inauguration.  Murphy has chosen to remain silent on the issue, tweeting holiday greetings, except for one tweet supporting the F-35.  Trump has questioned the cost of the fighter-jet.

While Murphy has gone silent on the UN vote, many of his fellow Democrats have not, backing Trump on the issue.  Sen. Richard Blumenthal is among those in support of the President-elect’s stance, stating the U.N. resolution would “undermine productive discussions” between Israel and the Palestinians.

Some would say the always twitter-chirpy Murphy’s silence on the UN resolution is deafening.