Connecticut DOT predicts ‘snow-mageddon’ if budget cut

snowcatIf the Connecticut Department of Transportation is forced to cut its budget by 10 percent, it could lead to major reductions in DOT services, the department has suggested.  In a Hartford Courant story, agency heads predicted CT Transit bus schedules would be reduced, the new Hartford Line commuter rail service would not begin until 2019, half of Shore Line East’s services would be cut, the Waterbury and Danbury Metro-North Railroad would be closed on nights and weekends and private snowplow contractors would not be hired, during major snow storms.

The savings on private snowplow operators would be $5.2 million over two years but would result in longer clean up times.

Anticipating possible budget cuts ahead of what is expected to be an austere budget proposal from the Malloy administration, state agencies have been asked to produce a plan that could include 10 percent less than its current budget.