Court to hear Colorado paper bag tax. Could Connecticut be next?

Paper bagsColorado’s Supreme Court will rule on the legality of a paper bag fee being imposed by the resort town of Aspen, Colorado.  The town has already banned plastic bags.  Officials claim the move is designed to make shoppers use reusable bags.

A conservative group has challenged the legality of the 20-cent per paper bag charge in Aspen, claiming it amounts to a tax and the public should vote on the imposition.  Aspen has won the case in lower courts, which sided with the town that the 20 cents is a fee.

The Colorado ruling could reach as far as Connecticut, where attempts to outlaw plastic bags have failed in the General Assembly only to have the bill return in subsequent legislative sessions.  With Connecticut strapped for cash, a fee on paper bags could also have a hearing, with voters unable to counter because Connecticut lacks proposition government.