New state rep fires salvo at Department of Consumer Protection: hands off

ctdcpNewly elected state Rep.Craig Fishbein is delivering a message to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection: hands off.  Fishbein, who won a special election in the summer and was elected in his own right last month, told the Record-Journal of Middletown newspaper the DCP is “more intrusive into business than it, perhaps, should be.”

Fishbein also criticized the Department of Community and Economic Development, claiming it doles out money but does not follow up on whether the money is spent correctly. “Everybody wants to be Santa Claus,” the Republican told the newspaper.  “The money comes out and there appears to be no overview” how grants are spent.

Fishbein is also an advocate of the private sector providing more services, rather than the government.  He says he intends to be a hands on legislator who will follow up on the results of legislation that is passed by the General Assembly.