Democrats herald drop in Connecticut prison population

jailConnecticut Democrats are heralding the news over the drop in the state’s prison population in a series of tweets.  Former state Sen. Michael Lawlor, the Undersecretary for Criminal Justice Policy and Planning of the state Office of Policy and Management, announced the latest figures on Thursday.  According to OPM’s report, the state’s prison population is at its lowest since Dec. 1, 1994 with the total number of inmates now at 14,581.

The state’s prison population has been falling steadily with OPM’s report stating: “The prolonged drop in the prison population that began near the middle of last year is unprecedented.”

OPM’s report led the Connecticut House Democrats to tweet: “Good news for CT!  The number of people in prison in CT is at it’s lowest level in two decades, and crime is down again in Hartford.”

Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff tweeted: “Great news.”

Lawlor, a former co-chair of the legislature’s Judiciary Committee, also tweeted the news.