Governor’s budget chief uses the ‘T’ word

CT Capitol

CT CapitolGovernor Dannel P. Malloy’s budget chief Benjamin Barnes used the ‘T’ word this week, in an interview with CT Mirror.  Barnes, who is helping to craft the complicated state spending plan, suggested that if unions don’t make concessions, then major tax hikes would be necessary to balance the state’s deficit-riddled budget.  If taxes are not raised, Barnes stated there would be major cuts to municipal aid, social services, higher education and more layoffs of state employees.

Connecticut is facing a more than $3 billion deficit over the next two years, even after the state renegotiated with the public employee unions, the amount of money it puts toward pensions in the budget.

In forecasting budget cuts, if taxes cannot be raised, Barnes told the Mirror, “…at the end of the day, in our form of government, we – the Executive Branch – have to do the best with the resources we are given.”

Unions claim the state should tax the rich more and stop giving subsidies to businesses.