Malloy administration member retweets anti-Bibi, Trump column

Lawlor tweetIn addition to tweeting the news about Connecticut’s lowering prison population, a member of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration was also tweeting an anti-Bibi Netanyahu column written by Thomas Friedman of the New York Times.  Michael Lawlor, Undersecretary for Criminal Justice Policy and Planning for the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management tweeted the column around 10:36 Thursday morning.

In the piece, the ultra liberal Friedman defends President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry in the latest dust up over the U.N. Security Council vote and Israel.  Friedman suggests that Netanyahu is implaccable and that President-elect Donald Trump “is letting himself get totally manipulated by right-wing extremists, and I mean extreme.”

Friedman goes on: “One day Trump will wake up and discover that he was manipulated into becoming the co-father, with Netanyahu, of an Israel that is either no longer Jewish or no longer  democratic.  He will discover that he was Bibi’s chump.”

Presumably retweets do not imply endorsement or that the tweet was sent, while working on the Connecticut taxpayers’ dime.