Murphy advocates neutering U.S. Constitution to advance popular vote

U.S. ConstitutionU. S. Sen. Chris Murphy is advocating and end-around the United States Constitution in order to advance the popular vote, when electing a president.  Murphy told a group in West Hartford on Wednesday he supports mandating that Connecticut’s Electoral College voters cast its ballots for the candidate who has the majority votes nationwide, even if that candidate doesn’t win that state’s vote.  That is the concept behind the National Popular Vote movement, which is pushing for enough states to enter a compact to support the popular vote platform, thus neutering the Electoral College.

NPV supporters believe amending the constitution to scuttle the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote would be too complicated, because it requires two-thirds of the states to approve a constitutional amendment.  Apparently the ultra-liberal Murphy is among that group, with his position on the issue.  He’s not alone in that sentiment.  There are political operatives on both the left and the right who support the NPV.

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  1. This is a very bad idea. For alone the simple fact it is sponsored by Chris Murphy should tell you, for never met a stupid idea he didn’t like. The Electoral College was established clearly to enforce the idea that the minority voice would never be overrun by the majority, for the founders felt that factions should have a voice in government, and the majority was prone to making bad choices in large numbers due to their foresight of urban concentrations. This should not proceed.

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