Rifle salutes at military funerals on state budget chopping block. Veterans furious. Duff says he’ll fight for funding

Vets moneyConnecticut veterans are furious that rifle salutes by the Connecticut Honor Guard at military funerals may be cut by the state because of the budget crunch.  With Connecticut facing billions in debt, the Malloy administration has asked state agencies to prepare a preliminary budget that would be cut 10 percent.  That’s when word leaked that the state’s Military Department would propose cutting funds for the firing detail.

“These men join the military to protect this country and this state.  They were willing to put their life on the line for this…It’s an insult when the state will not pay for their funeral in their final hour,” U.S. Marine Corp. Veteran and State Commander of the Military Funeral Honors Detail Salvatore V. Sena Sr. told The Hour newspaper of Norwalk.

Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff said he would fight to maintain funds for the detail.  Meanwhile, veterans are mobilizing to make sure the funding for the rifle salutes is saved.