Betts says budget cuts a sign of trouble ahead

Whit Betts
Rep. Whit Betts

State Representative Whit Betts, R-Bristol, says the budget cuts announced by the Malloy administration on Thursday indicates trouble ahead.  The governor’s budget director announced $50 million in budget cuts to municipalities, including $20 million in the Education Cost Sharing grant.  Bristol is losing $250,000 promised by the state.

Betts told the Hartford Courant, “Can the community rely on what’s been promised?  This signals the depth of the fiscal crisis.”

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  1. WOW, dumb me, I thought the TWO tax increases that were never to take place were supposed to balance the budget. I guess four billon dollars don’t go as far as it used to. Maybe try an Obama stimulus plan next time, look how good that worked!

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