Harp: New Haven could become the next Hartford

Toni Harp
Mayor Toni Harp/Ch. 3 screengrab

New Haven Mayor Toni Harp, a former state legislator, says unless the General Assembly steps in to help the state’s urban areas the Elm City could be facing the same financial plight as Hartford.   The Capitol city is currently facing a $22.6 million deficit this year and a $50 million deficit next year.

Harp told the Hartford Courant “our major cities” are strapped.  “I have the same basic problems that Hartford and Bridgeport have.  I don’t necessarily have the same financial difficulties this year, but if we don’t get the resources that we’ve been getting, I will.  This is not just about Hartford.  This is about a structural imbalance and a problem that we have in our state.”

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin has been pushing regionalism to help save his city.

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  1. Probably time for someone from the business sector to come in a organize these politicians. Just more of the Tax and Spend crap doesn’t cut it anymore, you want more people leaving the state because you don’t know what your doing ??

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