Murphy pens NYT Op-ed. Did he just call Republicans bigots?

Murphy, NYTU.S. Sen. Chris Murphy has penned a New York Times op-ed piece that criticizes just about everyone over Aleppo and the civil war in Syria, except himself.

Murphy writes:

I was an early leader in the effort in Congress to oppose war against Mr. Assad.

The junior senator from Connecticut then second guesses President Obama’s strategy, accusing the USA of “a policy that prolonged the conflict” by dropping bombs on Islamic State targets only and not on areas controlled by Bashar Assad’s government-controlled forces.  Murphy then unleashed a broadside assault on Republicans:

And when Syrians started to flee their country, we compounded our errors by shutting our doors.  Unconscionably, the Republican-controlled Congress refused to allow large numbers of Syrian refugees into America because of bigoted fears of domestic extremism.

In the piece, Murphy is advocating the adoption of a 21st Century Marshall Plan by the United States.  In fact, the piece itself is headlined: Marshall Plans, Not Martial Plans.

The editorial was printed one day before the new Congress goes convenes at noon on Jan. 3.



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