Petit would consider cuts in legislative pay and mail privileges

MoneyConnecticut State Rep. William Petit Jr., R-22, said he would consider legislative givebacks, including reduced salaries and mailing privileges for state lawmakers.  But that would be just the tip of the iceberg as far as solving the the state’s system budget problems, according to the Plainville resident.

Petit is quoted in the Bristol Press newspaper:

“We already have an over two billion dollar deficit in fiscal year 2017-18.  Our state government should focus on funding the core functions of government – public, safety, infrastructure, services for the most vulnerable – and then we must make long-term structural changes to the budget, including implementing a functional spending cap and a hard bonding cap to get us on a path to fiscal sustainability.  We have to make changes now.”

Petit plans to focus on small business in order to grow jobs in the state.