Top CT Senate Democrat has own liberal ‘news’ website

Holder, Huff PoOne of the top Connecticut Senators in the state legislature, has his own liberal ‘news’website.  Call it Connecticut’s version of the Huffington Post.

Connecticut Senate Assistant Majority Leader Gary Holder-Winfield, D-10, publishes The Gary Holder-Winfield Daily, filled with the latest liberal news, promoting the Democratic Party and liberal policies , while slamming all-things Republican.

The service is provided through Paper-Li.  For so much per month, the service will load your website with aggregate daily news content of your choice.  In this case, people can read the Gary Winfield Daily website at CLICK HERE.

If the Republicans want their own daily, all it requires is ponying up so much per month.  Paper-Li will do the rest, once the parameters are established.

For now, however, Sen. Winfield is the legislature’s media mogul.  Presumably none of the “news” on his website is fake.

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  1. Republicans do have their own news website. It’s called courtesy of Tom Dudchik. It’s a Drudge Report rip-off in every way.

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