Fasano predicts marijuana bill will be snuffed out in committee

Fasano, marijuana

MarijuanaDespite a big push by Senate President Martin Looney and numerous pro-marijuana groups to legalize pot for recreational purposes in Connecticut, Senate Republican President Len Fasano is predicting a bill won’t even make it out of committee.

Appearing Wednesday morning on the Brad and Dan Show on The Talk of Connecticut radio stations, Fasano stated:

“I know the governor is against it (legalizing pot). If it ever came to an 18-18 tie (in the Senate) I think the Lt. Gov. would vote in favor of the Republicans to respect the wishes of the governor.  That being said I don’t think there are 18 votes on the Democratic side for that (legalization).  I don’t think we have to worry about it in this session.  I think it’s dead.  I question if it even comes out of committee.    I know there are some Democratic votes in the Senate that are against it.  I know my caucus is against it.  So I think we’re pretty good on making certain that doesn’t happen in this legislative year.”

Fasano does predict the effort to legalize marijuana will continue after this session concludes without any action on the bill.