Stewart says she’s in!

New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart says she is in, for re-election to a third term as mayor of the Hardware City, that is.  Appearing on the Talk of Connecticut’s Brad and Dan Show Tuesday morning Stewart answered “yes,” when asked if she would seek a third term.

“I will be seeking re-election in the city of New Britain.”

Connecticut’s youngest mayor at 29 has been rumored as seeking the Republican gubernatorial nomination, as soon as 2018 and she did not put those rumors to rest:

“I’m certainly not going to rule it out (running for governor in 2018).  Let’s put it that way.  I definitely want to sit back and see who is announcing and who is interested in it.

“I do have very strong feelings on who I think would have what it takes to walk into this position in 2018.  You can’t just have some fly-by-night person who wants to walk in and say ‘I want to be governor.’  Absolutely not.  Connecticut is not in any kind of financial situation to have somebody walk into that position just because they want the pomp and circumstance of it.  It’s going to have to be somebody who actually gets down-and-dirty, roll their sleeves up and make some really tough decisions on behalf of the state.”

Stewart also added the city has been able to handle the recent $250,000 cut by the Malloy administration in the Education Cost Sharing grant.