CT Dems play the Trump card on GOP

CT Dem TweetThe Connecticut Democratic Party is playing the Trump card on Republicans in the General Assembly.  Gov. Dannel P. Malloy eluded to President-elect Donald Trump without mentioning him by name in his State of the State Address Wednesday, by reminding his audience Connecticut is an “inclusive” state.  Democrats in the “people’s house” gave the governor a standing ovation, while Republicans remained seated.

That’s when the Democratic party machine went into overdrive, tweeting:

@CTDemsChair calls out @CTGOP @CTSenateGOP @cthouserules for failing to support @DanMalloyCT’s calls for inclusion.

On the CT Democratic Party’s website party chair Nick Balletto then wrote:
“Despite Governor Malloy’s positive vision for the future of our state, however, I was shocked to see what seemed like the entire GOP caucus remain seated and refuse to applaud the governor’s call to continue our record of compassion by remaining a welcoming place for immigrants and refugees. It looks like Connecticut Republicans are truly taking their cues from Donald Trump.”
For its part, the Connecticut Republican Party took off on the House Democrats defeat of a Republican-inspired amendment that would have required lawmakers to vote on contracts negotiated between the governor and state employee unions.
Let the season begin.

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  1. You want applause, give us back the 3Billion tax increase you planted on our butts. Amazing, we pay into tax increases to get to a balanced budget and low and behold were deeper in debt, Democratic math for you. It’s time for business man to drive the train.

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