Slossberg: ‘I did my first budget when I was nine.’

Gayle SlossbergCan Connecticut Republican senators pick off a Democrat or two, when it comes to certain policy issues?  That was the gist of a Hartford Courant story on Sunday, speculating on the outcome of certain legislation, with the Senate now evenly divided by party.

The Courant story focused on three Democrats, who might side with Republicans on budget policy and Sen. Gayle Slossberg,D-Milford, was one of them.

“I did my first budget when I was nine,” Slossberg told the Courant.  She said she learned to handle finances from her experience working in the wholesale and retail leather business her grandfather started.

Slossberg said it’s time to understand the state budget, when it comes to revenues and expenditures.  She was one of the few Democrats endorsed for office by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association.