State employee pension agreement will be voted on

CSEAFor the first time in decades, the Connecticut General Assembly will vote on a contract agreement made between the governor’s office and state union leadership.  For years, Democrats in the state legislature have blocked a vote on union contracts.  The governor’s office must submit the deal to the legislature for a vote, once it has been concluded, but if the legislature does not vote on the contract within 30 days it automatically becomes law.

In this case, the state Senate, now split evenly between Democrats and Republicans, will vote on the renegotiated pension agreement on Feb. 1.   Last week a Republican amendment in the House to vote on the deal was rejected by Democrats.  However, the Record-Journal of Meriden is quoting a spokesman for the House Democrats as saying there will be a vote on the deal, before the 30-day expiration period, which is Feb. 3.