Hartford mayor says state sales tax hike could help if revenue diverted to cities

Luke BroninHartford Mayor Luke Bronin says it’s time for the state to create a policy to enable municipalities to diversify revenue rather than relying on property taxes to underwrite local government.  Appearing on the Talk of Connecticut’s Brad & Dan Show, the mayor added:

“We’re so dependent on the property tax in this state.  I think there is an opportunity to have a bigger conversation about diversifying sources of revenue for local governments.  You know in most places in the country local governments don’t just have to use the property tax, there are other sources of revenue, including, for example, a piece of the sales tax.  

“I would expect a lot of municipalities are going to be in the cross hairs at the state capitol for potential cuts. Let’s have that bigger conversation.  Can we finally start giving some property tax relief and reducing the reliance on property tax by using some sales tax revenue to do it?”

The mayor admitted though Hartford is currently facing serious financial difficulties with a multi-million dollar deficit, other cities could be on a similar path if the state doesn’t make changes to the system of taxation.  He said a sales tax hike could help if all the revenue from the hike were diverted to the cities and towns.

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  1. Still with the spread the wealth concept. How about the cites/towns start operating with in their tax structure.

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