Suzio says he has plan to save rifle salutes. Also supports abolishing lawmakers’ perk

Len SuzioState Sen. Len Suzio  says he has a plan to save the rifle salutes conducted at military funerals.  Appearing on Wednesdays Brad & Dan Show, the Meriden Republican stated:

“I’ve submitted a bill to rescind the $300,000 study that the governor has put in for the mileage tax (a study to determine whether motorists should be taxed by the mile), and I’m mandating that we replace (return) the $300,000 that was taken away from the Vets Memorial Fund account.”

Officials have been asked to pare down their budgets and a $300,000 reduction in military allocations would bring an end to the salutes.

Suzio also stated he is opposed to a policy that allows lawmakers to take mileage reimbursement and use it toward calculating pensions.