Democratic battle begins. Drew forms committee. Calls Malloy. Party stalwarts simmer

Dan Drew
Dan Drew

Middletown Mayor Dan Drew sent shivers through the ranks of Connecticut Democrats on Thursday, announcing he has formed an exploratory committee to run for the Democratic Party gubernatorial nomination.  The 37-year-old could be taking a step toward challenging a sitting governor from his own party, should Gov. Dannel P. Malloy choose to run for a third term.  Malloy has yet to announce his intentions.

“For too long, the focus of our government has been to assist people at the very top. The people in the middle are left behind,” Drew said in his announcement.  The comment quickly raised the shackles of sensitive Malloy supporters, who believed Drew was taking a verbal swipe at the governor, whose approval rating is around 24-percent.

“I do think there will be some people upset by some of the things the mayor had to say in his statement,” former Malloy operative Roy Occhiogrosso told the website CT Mirror.

Drew said he did call the governor to inform him he was forming an exploratory committee.

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  1. Fear strikes in the heart of the Dems. A Democrat thinking and talking like a Republican. Bring out the wooden stake.

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