Democratic operative ignores Drew announcement to take swipe at CT GOP and Trump


CT DemsConnecticut Democratic Party operative Mike Mandell refused to comment on an apparent schism within the party Thursday, after Middletown Mayor Dan Drew announced he was forming an exploratory committee to run for governor.  Drew could be battling a governor from his own party should Gov. Dannel P. Malloy choose to seek a third-term.

Mandell, executive director of the Democratic Party, was asked by the website CT Mirror to comment on Drew’s announcement.  Instead he chose to ignore a possible internecine warfare to turn his sights on Connecticut Republicans:

“As a party, we are squarely focused on re-engaging and re-activating our grassroots network for crucial municipal and special elections this year.  That said, we will have the necessary infrastructure to mount a strong campaign on the state and federal levels in 2018 and hold the Republicans supporting Donald Trump’s extreme agenda accountable,” Mandell said.  


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  1. If Trump turns this 1.9 economy around, who will you blame then. Surely not the Republicans, I know, it’s time for the Democrats to take the Credit as they always do.

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