Print in trouble. NYT more layoffs, multi-tasking, digital and Trump, Trump, Trump


NY TimesThe print media continues its downward spiral and once again the venerable New York Times is not immune from the downfall.  In an effort to put a positive spin on an extensive study of the Times’ newsroom, the paper listed a story on its website Tuesday, outlining the future newsroom.  It doesn’t take a degree in journalism to read between the lines.  The Times is going to layoff more people in the editorial department and will ask future journalists to multitask, i.e. report, write, shoot video, etc.

In reading the Times report, the key component of the print industry is going to be VISUAL, VISUAL, VISUAL.  Read that to mean even more effort poured into its on line presence combined with plenty of video.  And while the Times looks to continue to cut expenses, it will apparently spare no expense in covering its favorite target, soon-to-be President Donald Trump.  The paper, err make that the media entity, plans to allocated $5 million to cover Trump.


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  1. Don’t they get it, the people are tired of the false statements, outright lies and fabricated stories. The big three media networks, ABC, CBS and NBC are going to have the same problems soon enough. Even the programs are loaded with messages, enough is enough, yes your liberal stop pushing your agenda down our throats. Just do your jobs, provide programing for ALL the people not just your selected few. You may actually be helping the sale of more BOOKS!!!!!

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