Yawn! ‘bobbsey twins’ Blumenthal, Murphy oppose all things Trump

Murphy, BlumenthalBy Dan Lovallo

Is there anything U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy support about Donald Trump?  Oh yea!  Perhaps Linda McMahon to head the Small Business Administration.

Connecticut’s ‘bobbsey twins’ held another (yawn!) news conference on Tuesday, essentially to announce they are opposing just about every nominee the President-elect has put up for his cabinet.

The Senate “impresario’s” preached doom and gloom, should Trump’s policies succeed or for that matter, should his nominees even be approved.

“I am ready for this fight, as Chris is,” Blumenthal said.  “The outrages are coming at such a pace as to obscure the gravity of everything that is happening.”

Still, both senators said they will attend Friday’s inauguration to show they support the peaceful transfer of power.   To that I say, “spare us.”

3 Comments on “Yawn! ‘bobbsey twins’ Blumenthal, Murphy oppose all things Trump”

  1. Coming from these two do nothings it’s more than expected. Anything good Trump does will be fought tooth and nail by these two no matter if it’s good. About all they could do is SUE Trump for something.

  2. I agree with you! These ” Representatives” are how shall I put it…….Oh yeah LIBERALS!
    They are worthless. So why don’t you both stay home, and save us tax payers a ” little ” money. Or go to Florida and join our old “great ” governor who gave us the state income tax to help our Financial problems!!!

  3. By the way did Mr. Murphy get to ask Betsy DeVos any questions about her education proposals or was it just about GUNS !!

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