Are Murphy and Lieberman having dinner?

Murphy, DeVos
You Tube grab

By Dan Lovallo

So here you have Connecticut U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy cross-examining Betsy DeVos, the choice of Donald Trump to be education secretary, as if she had just committed several crimes.  Of course, Murphy, who has illusions of someday being president, is playing to the cameras and the Democratic Party donor base.

Imagine then, what it was like when the diplomatic former U.S. Sen. from Connecticut, Joe Lieberman, introduced DeVos at her confirmation hearings on Tuesday?

Of course, the Democratic Party of which Joe Lieberman once belonged is long gone, but I am guessing Murphy and Lieberman didn’t have dinner after the hearing.

One Comment on “Are Murphy and Lieberman having dinner?”

  1. Good call Joe, dinner with Murphy. This guy wouldn’t know a professional in the education field if his life depended on it. All he knows is Guns are bad for you even if your being held up at gun point by a robber. President, maybe in this state, the rest of the USA has his number, one issue Chris, NOT.

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