Patriots’ fans in Litchfield County, Sen. Richard Blumenthal has tuned you out

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By Dan Lovallo

Fans of the New England Patriots, who are subscribers on Optimum cable television in Connecticut, your consumer-oriented United States senator has tuned you out.  Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who has been known to conduct a news conference or two, excoriating businesses for being unfriendly to consumers, has been mum on the continued battle between WFSB-TV 3 and Optimum cable.  Since, Jan. 13, subscribers to Optimum have been without the CBS-TV affiliate, as the two sides battle over the fee Ch. 3’s parent company wants to charge Optimum to carry its channel.  And per usual, the subscribers are left out in the cold.

Because CBS carries the NFL’s American Football Conference games, this means for a second straight week, New England Patriots fans will be left out in the cold.  Last week, they missed the Patriots Saturday night victory over Houston, and this Sunday they will not be able to view the AFC Title game between New England and Pittsburgh on cable television, if they are Optimum subscribers.

Other than one tweet sent out last weekend to urge both sides to resolve the issue, not a peep from Mr. Consumer Senator.  Of course, he has been busy tweeting about Donald Trump’s nominations, attending marches, and doing everything obstructive when it comes to Trump’s agenda, in order to mobilize progressive fundraising efforts for the years ahead.  But as for the NFL, perhaps he has embraced the philosophy of actress Meryl Streep, who believes with Trump in charge the only thing left on TV to watch will be “football and martial arts.”  Therefore he is doing his part to eradicate football.

In the meantime, Patriots fans, you have been left to watch marital arts.  When it comes to football, your favorite consumer-oriented senator has chosen to punt, rather than use his seat for the bully pulpit for which he has become “famous.”

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  1. Amazing, he couldn’t turn this into a nice Lawsuit for himself. No Fame no Gain, that’s how he rolls, or maybe they contribute more to his campaign than a few subscribers. Time to rethink CT, do you really need this guy on your side???.

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