Boston courting Aetna


aetnaBoth the Boston Globe and WCVB have unearthed documents showing the city of Boston is courting Aetna to move its headquarters from Hartford to Boston.  The revelations come in the wake of a judge blocking Aetna’s merger with Humana.  Aetna boss Mark Bertolini has not decided on the company’s next move, including whether to appeal the decision.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts, which successfully lured General Electric to relocate it headquarters from Fairfield to Boston, seems to be at it again.


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  1. CT get ready and start packing your bags, Malloy is going to cost you big time. Expect your taxes to go up with the loss of another big company heading out. How’s your last election working out for you now………………………………..glad you voted for a politician for your Governor instead of a business man. Think and think hard next time you filling in those little marks on the ballot sheet.

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