Consumer Senator remains mum. Klarides: hands tied. Cable council chief: I’m writing Trump. Meanwhile Channel 3 blackout continues

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It is now two weeks since Optimum customers have been without WFSB-TV 3, the channel yanked off the system by the station’s parent-owner Meredith Corporation.  Optimum’s parent company Altice alleges that Meridith wants to raise what it charges Optimum to carry the channel by 295 percent.  Altice wants to carry the only CBS affiliate on its system, while negotiations continue, but Meredith refuses.  So as the stalemate continues, many of Optimum’s western Connecticut customers are fuming, already having missed the New England Patriots two playoff games.

Meanwhile, consumer Senator Richard Blumenthal, other than one tweet on the subject, has been quieter than a station logo on a TV screen.  At the state level, House Minority Leader Themis Klarides expressed dismay in a news release, claiming many of her constituents have complained about the blackout.  Although she is urging a resolution to the dispute by both sides, she insists there’s not much that can be done at the state level, calling it an FCC matter.

As for Stephen Simonin, chairman of the Cable Television Advisory Council, he’s had enough and is considering emailing the President, as in the President of the United States. Simonin has even gone so far as to ask several stalwart Democrats, including Blumenthal, how to get President Trump involved.

“Can someone please send me a direct path to President Trump?” Simonin wrote in an email to Blumenthal and others.  “This could make him a hero of the people.”

It’s doubtful Blumenthal or the other Democrats want to make Trump a hero, so Simonin might need another angle to reach Trump, but if he does, it might be a story even Channel 3 will cover, may be even for Optimum customers.

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  1. Get in touch with Fox Network, all the other Mushroom Networks can’t do squat. Fox’s like Trump they get things done. Maybe the folks that are getting screwed should look into getting another provider. i.e. Dish or Direct TV. You have to stick it to them just like they’re sticking it to you. They’re trying to get as much as they can while they have a lock on things. The internet is not far off, then they’ll pay the piper.

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