Did Denise Merrill read ODU prof’s study before declaring clean elections?

Connecticut Secretary of the State is certain that there was no illegal voting in last year’s election, especially in Connecticut.

“It’s all too easy these days to imagine a conspiracy when there is none and other people are all too ready to believe it, sadly,” said Merrill, president of the National Association of Secretaries of State, who was quoted in the Republican American newspaper.

Merrill did add that ‘first in-person voter fraud is real, but it is very, very, very rare.’

Well, according to political scientist Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, some 834,381 votes were cast by non-citizens in the November 2014 elections.  Richman worked with several of his colleagues to produce the study.  Richman, himself is fuming at the Trump people, claiming his numbers have been twisted to fit an agenda.  But he does not deny the 834,381 vote count numbers.

Perhaps by both Richman and Merrill’s definition, a 834,381 vote count, is “very, very, very rare,” even if that averages out to 16,688 voters per state.



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  1. Now these folks are very aware, no fraudulent votes. Anyone looking to buy a bridge in Brooklyn. Lets see, at least five sanctuary cites in CT, no fraudulent votes, are you sure you wouldn’t want to buy a bridge ??

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