Transportation Committee okays hearings on tolls for Connecticut

The Connecticut General Assembly’s Transportation Committee has given the okay to have public hearings on tolls, despite opposition from some lawmakers on the panel.  The vote to proceed with the hearing was held Monday and it is expected a hearing on tolls will be scheduled for sometime in February.

Among those in favor of tolls is State Rep. Anthony Guerrera, D-Rocky Hill, who is co-chair of the committee.  Another committee co-chair, Sen. Toni Boucher, R-Wilton, opposes tolls.  Rep. Guerrera will be a guest on CT On The Hill’s radio program at 9:05 AM on the Talk of Connecticut radio stations.


One Comment on “Transportation Committee okays hearings on tolls for Connecticut”

  1. Vote NO, don’t give them any more money because they’ll only spend on things that benefit a few. When that money runs out they’ll be back telling us they’re broke again and come up with another tax. It never ends until the PEOPLE stop them. Write or call do anything you have to do or you’ll be paying for their waste forever. People are leaving this state everyday, that means you’ll have to make up for that loss too. Wake up CT.

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