Harwinton woman tries to run down Connecticut state trooper. Blames Trump.

A 58-year-old Harwinton, CT woman is under arrest for allegedly attempting to rundown a Connecticut state trooper, and then blaming her actions on President Donald Trump.

According to reports, a trooper was directing traffic on Route 69 near the Harwinton-Burlington line Thursday, while a work crew was trimming trees.  That’s when police say Eileen Marie Pierce intentionally veered into the northbound lane and started driving toward the trooper, who managed to dodge the Subaru she was driving.  She then yelled at the trooper and shook her fist as she passed the trooper, but almost rammed into tree service trucks in the process.   Police say they began pursuing the Subaru, after she continued driving aggressively.

When police apprehended Pierce, they say she started rambling about being a victim, that police were being murdered because they abused rights and that she was angry Donald Trump was the president.

Pierce faces numerous charges and was held on $5,000 bail, pending a court appearance on Friday.

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  1. That poor snow flake, there must be a good liberal lawyer out there willing to take her case. Then there’s always Blumenthal, he could win this with his eyes closed………………..wait I think they’re always closed !!!

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