Kiss Malloy middle-class tax credit good by under budget proposal

Kiss the middle class tax credit good by, if Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s budget is approved.  The governor continues to release portions of his budget to maximize television exposure.  He will give his full budget address to the General Assembly on Wed., Feb. 8.

Under his plan,however, the $200 property tax credit would be eliminated.  The move would affect 875,000 middle-class households and net the state $105 million.


One Comment on “Kiss Malloy middle-class tax credit good by under budget proposal”

  1. That’s great, that’s the whole $500.00 tax credit we HAD is now gone. WAKE UP CT, you really think we can afford this guy for another four years. I’m running out of pockets for this guy to pick. When will he ever use the words, “we’ll have to make some real cuts to our spending”……………… guess NEVER !! Keep in mind he got the whole $500.00 bucks in less that TWO TERMS !!!!!

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