Aetna boss Bertolini: ‘…I am also the grandson of an immigrant’

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini is speaking out about President Donald Trump’s ban on immigrants from seven countries entering the U.S.  In an interview with Bloomberg on Tuesday, Bertolini stated:

“We have a lot of employees in the Middle East and offices in the Middle East…So the first thing we have to look out for our own employees.  But I am also the grandson of an immigrant.  And were it not for my grandfather and grandmother coming here, I would have never been in this kind of opportunity and lived the American Dream.  Se we don’t agree with the current program.  We believe we should find a program that welcomes everyone to this country and keeps our country free.  And we look forward to working with the administration to make that happen.” 


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  1. Everyone wants to be safe but don’t know where to start. Isn’t pausing the flow a good start ???

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